Monday, September 29, 2008

Project with Scrapbook Papers

This is one of those projects that has been mulling around in my head, but I hadn't gotten around to doing. Finally, today I decided to buckle down and do it with Siri, my 4 year old. I had a lot of papers from the Laundry Line from My Minds Eye Scrapbooking company. The papers are BEAUTIFUL—they have a thin layer of glitter on them and I can't believe how sweet they are. Anyway, I went through my craft boxes and found some brass brads, masking tape, a ruler, and some crocheting yarn (I was hoping to find some twine, but to no avail). I made these little flags for the girls' room. We are renting right now, so anything like this makes the room look a little better. 

I cut out triangles of the scrapbook paper (I cut out the paper with one on the front and one of the back so that they matched up evenly). I just used masking tape to get the triangles together (I thought about using some good glue, but decided it wasn't worth the hassle). I wanted really cool, glittery opposite sides so this worked out nicely. I also liked the thickness of the two pieces of scrapbook paper. Then I made holes—one inch from each end of the flag. I put the yarn into the brad and then put the brad into the paper. Sorry if this makes no sense (as I write it, it doesn't make much sense to me) just look at the photos!

OKay you can see the brads in the photo. The string is just strung along the front through the brads.

Here you can see the backs (with the brads).

Wait, did I mention that Siri was helping me? It was fun although she ended up just cutting up the same piece of scrapbook paper into little tiny bits and trying very hard to follow the lines (because Ms Wendy says that cutting on the lines is a good thing to learn). So be warned, your kids room will be pretty, but your kitchen will be a mess when you are done with this project!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things I'm Obsessed With

I was just on decor8blog and Holly was asking what our obsessions are right now. I've actually been meaning to post a couple of things I love right now, so here they are:

I think this is the Univers font of silverware. The proportions are so beautiful and timeless. Modern, sleek, and classic! It's from Crate and Barrel and called the Cirrus Set.

I found this doll on etsy. The link is: I think it is super darling.

This one's from I've been in love with peekabo tables for a while. Other than budget, I have no idea how it would fare with my 1 and 4 year olds....I'm not sure it's made to stand up to finger prints....but I love it anyway!

This one certainly is not for everyone. I LOVE Bertoia chairs though. I like the shape and design.
Check out the new sale going on this coming week!

Also thought I'd give a head's up to everyone that a new sister site will be opening October 10th. I can't reveal too many details right now, but keep an eye for it! I'll post the link here and in the shop!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Josh passes the Bar

I forgot to add that we found out that Josh passed the bar while we were in Los Cabos! CONGRATS, honey!

Los Cabos

Hi everyone! I know I haven't written for a while because I was in Los Cabos this last week doing a convention for work. The resort we stayed at was BEAUTIFUL! I'd highly recommend it to anyone. It's called the Westin Resort and Spa. Got lots of sun and "baby" pena coladas as they call them (non alcoholic). Josh went fishing on Tuesday (he was sea sick the entire time) and we went on a catamaran cruise with snorkeling (the coral reef wasn't so great, but it was fun anyway) and I loved all the people at the convention! Here are some pics!

If you want to see cute videos of the girls, SuiKim has some on her blog (she watched them). SuiKim and Steven's Blog

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Halloween/Fall Line here!

Check out the shop for the new Halloween and Fall line! Here's a peek at a couple of quickpages and kits! This is NOT the entire line...go to the shop to see it all!


See more in the Digi Nirvana Shop!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

What would you put in a Night time or Morning Video for your kids?

So when I'm not working on Digi Nirvana (and a new website coming soon:)), I have this thing called a day job, lol. I'm a Communications and Event Director for an association. So this coming week, my first big convention that I have been planning is in Los Cabos, Mexico (yes, a tough life, I know). Anyway, it's the first real time that we have been away from both of the girls. And it's not just some mini-trip. It's a WHOLE WEEK! I'm a tiny bit freaked out and every time I think of it, I think of something new that needs to be taken care of before we leave. Wait, it just happened again...I had to stop writing this post and make another note in my planner! So I have been procrastinating writing up the itinerary for the girls (need for such a thing because of preschool, relative switching, etc). Plus, my sister will be watching them for part of the time (SuiKim) and she's never watched them before (you'll be great, hon! I'm just a nervous wreck!) And of course, YOU know all your kids routines, but other people don't so it is all very crazy! 

So headsup, not much blogging that week, but I will FOR sure get some pics and info up when I get back! 

One thing that we are doing, which I'm really excited about (and makes me less nervous) is creating video footage for each night and morning for the kids...fixing it up in iMovie and making a DVD for the girls. That way they get a book read each night from us and "I love you's" in the mornings...and perhaps a count down for when we are coming home. Wondering if any of you have done this before...and even if you haven't, what would you put in your bedtime and morning videos to your kids? 

Friday, September 5, 2008

Autism Article

Hi everyone! I just published an article for the Daily Scrapper on Autism and Scrapbooking. Take a look at There is also a link to contribute to Walk for Autism. (and eventually a follow up article by Tammy, a person I interviewed for the article).

Public Service Announcement

Okay...2 really. The first is for anyone who thinks they need website hosting. I had BIG problems with my previous hosting company. Whatever you do DO NOT use dot5hosting! They made everything a hassle and I sat on the phone for over an hour at a time (I think I left my phone on one time for an hour and a half!) just to speak to someone completely incompetent! Anyway, so I made the switch in June to this new hosting company (by the way, did I mention that the old hosting company LOST all my databases?, which is all of you had to create new logins at the store?). Thenew hosting company's name is and I am doing another website (You guys will see it's launch October 1st!) and the entire process to get the domain name, upload my shopping cart system, and do a redirect took 10 MINUTES! It rocked!!!!!! Thanks bluehost!!!!

Okay, the second service announcement is a bit personal, but I would feel like an absolute idiot to keep this information to myself. This is for all the mom's out there! I first heard of the BioFit bra from my sister-in-law's friend Lacy a couple of weeks ago. As it happens, I was looking for a bra and went to Victoria Secrets to find one. I just happened to try this one on.....OM Gosh!!!! It is heaven!!!!!!! I am telling you, if you have suffered what many of us breastfeeding moms have suffered, this bra is for you! It's a bit expensive, but COMPLETELY worth it! Okay, done with all the talk that may make my husband blush when he reads this.

In other news, my daugher Siri has 4 new invisible any of you have kids with invisible friends? We've never experienced it before, but for the most part, it is hilarious! Two of the friends are brother and sister (Jack and Chelsea). They live in Minnesota and their mom drops them between Utah and MInnesota (we moved from Minnesota to Utah 3 months ago). She also has a BABY invisible friend named Caroline (same as her cousin Caroline who happens to be older than her). I think she likes invisible baby Caroline because she can tell her what to do (something that isn't always the case with real life older cousin Caroline). Oh, and the last invisible friend is Sierre. Aparently invisible Caorline and Sierre are cousins. I didn't think there was anything to analyze there, but now I'm looking at this and thinking is Sierre Siri's alter ego?

If any of you have kids with invisible friends, I'd like to hear about it...I'm wondering how long this will last. I don't think it's a big deal (it's actually pretty funny), but I'd just interested! Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New September MiniKit Freebie!

Hi everyone! Alicia's new line is up! It's adorable! Take a look at in the shop!!! VISIT SHOP 

There is also a new September Challenge minikit FREEBIE in the shop. It will be free until September 30th! Be sure to pick it up this month and participate in the challenges in the forum. It's on the home page of the shop...

Siri: "The shortest times are the longest times of all." (Don't ask me! She usually says it when I say, "two more minutes.")