Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Layout

Here's a new layout I did of Siri sliding in our backyard. It uses some of my new kits and the new Element-ary Line.

This layout uses papers from the Playtime for the girls Kit, Cupcake Kit, and Flora Kit, Element-ary Aviary Elements, Element-ary Glittery Overlays, Element-ary Glittery Swirls, Element-ary Inked Edges, and Alpha from the Playtime for the Guys Kit.
Check out the new Elementary Line in the store-Here's a preview:

Thursday, April 24, 2008

More for the Typographic Nerd

So I was taking a little browse around the Internet neigborhood and found this article on the 30 typefaces any graphic designer couldn't live without. It includes 15 serifs and 15 san-serif. I''d say that I am 80% in agreement:).  I would have added Baskerville to the serif list (I favor it over Caslon). Otherwise, it's a great little clip on type!

In other news, the Playtime Kits are up and 20% off this weekend! Check it out in the store.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Flissa!

My baby is 1! Flissa turned 1 today...I really felt like she was a little toddler today, not a baby anymore. Will post photos soon of the chocolate, ice cream feast! I haven't had time to blog as it is the end of semester for Josh and my students, our upcoming move, and getting a new little kit line out by this Friday at Digi Nirvana. I also will post some of my students final projects...I think you'll like them!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fabulous Fabrics!

I saw this in Domino Magazine a long time ago and I am always checking back at this website because the stuff is so gorgeous! The site is called Funktion Home. The aprons and kitchen towels are adorable. Here's my favorite. It's called the Belinda.

Aren't those fabrics gorgeous! Yummy, yummy! Definitely NOT your grandma's apron:). The site even has matching aprons for your little girls!

Digi Nirvana got a face lift!

Digi Nirvana got a facelift today! Take a look!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fortune Cookies

We had Chinese on Friday. Siri opened her fortune cookie and this is what it said:

It made me laugh since, of course, we are moving in a month. Because of the move, I interviewed for a job in Utah earlier Friday morning that was in a field I've never worked in before. I opened my fortune cookie and this is what it said:

Funny, huh? Maybe I should buy a few more fortune cookies to find out where to buy a house. lol.

Siri gave her first talk in church today. Of course, her mother forgot about it. I wrote her the talk as we walked to Primary. She said everything SO clearly and put her mouth right up to the mic. She even knew the name of the new prophet and said it when I whispered, "The name of the new prophet is..." (she was suppose to repeat after me)but instead she said, "President S. Monson." (to answer my question). She held up a picture over the mic and wasn't afraid at all! I was so proud of her!

Her are some pics of the girls.

Flissy was so happy to just walk through the tennis court with all those other kids zippying in and out on their bikes.

Josh brought these cupcakes to me and Siri from the Vice Pres. Mondale birthday bash at the law school. Siri said that one of the chocolate toppings looked like 'fur' and one looked like a 'dragonfly." She insisted on eating the dragonfly one. Can you tell which one is the 'fur' one and which is the 'draonfly' one? If you figure it out, let me know.

This is a week ago when Siri and I went to the circus. She declared that she wanted to take a class when she grows up to learn how to 'go so high' like the acrobats.

Here's my most recently layout with my Yes Kit at digi nirvana.

The journaling says, "when I explained to Siri that when we move we wouldn’t see the people that lived here (Minnesota) anymore, she buried her head in a pillow and broke into tears, “You mean I won’t see Lucia anymore?” It broke my heart! "

Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleet and Snow

So I'm just wondering, did somebody not get the memo that it's spring? Yesterday we had a blizzard (exaggeration. sorry, couldn't help myself) come through with a mix of snow and rain. I am SO tired of this weather!

To celebrate the April 'showers,' I got Siri flip-flops at the mall yesterday. Hey, maybe if I act like it is spring, it will stop snowing? She ADORES them! She fell asleep in her purple butterfly flip-flops at bedtime while holding her pink flower set. She also took the purple ones to preschool this morning. I don't think they are going to let her wear them out in the snow at playtime!:)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finally getting around to posting it!

So here is the inspiration for the challenge and my layout:

I decided to keep it simple and just focus on a few things from the ad. I chose to focus on color and some of the simple bold text. I love this ad because I think it is really versatile. I like the idea of doing a lot of little photos down at the bottom to mimic the layout or just doing a sepia tone layout with one color popping. Check out the gallery to see the rules and prize for this challenge!

Monday, April 7, 2008

April Inspirational Challenge

So I finally have gotten around to getting up the April Challenge! Check it out in the gallery. I should get around to making mine soon:) Will post it here when I do!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Morning

I woke up this morning to hear Siri playing with Legos on the floor of my bedroom. I was little confused because it was 7:15am ,and I had not heard Flissa. I peeked in on her, and she was playing in her crib. Siri, of course, ran into the room to joyfully hug her sister. As I fed Flissa and Siri cuddled, I couldn't help saying to myself, "I love my life!"

Perhaps this is a very silly thing to muse on this morning, but if you knew the chaos that IS my house, my inability to just get myself put together in the mornings these days, and the inability to find some type of work/life/balance...well, you'd know that this is a big deal for me. THIS is my nirvana! Thank heavens for little girls!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Found cute!!!!

So my husband emailed me from law school today because one of his classmates has a wife that sells at etsy. I am dying because the stuff is SO cute. Her name is Michelle Brusegaard, and I added her to my 'stuff I like' list. Take a look at this:

It's photography from a series of barbie dresses she has. The colors are so great! She also has a ton of cute screen- printed cards. Here's her store if you want to look:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Official -We are Moving!

So, we have decided to take a leap of faith and will be moving to Utah at the end of May. Josh is taking the Utah state bar and will start studying June 1st.

In other interesting news, a giant snow storm fell on Minnesota's happy spring-time weather yesterday and (mostly likely) killed my crocuses (I don't know yet as they are hidden under the snow still). I am trying to *will* spring to come...maybe if I think happy thoughts...