Friday, August 29, 2008

What's coming to Digi Nirvana...

Right now, you'll notice that Megan's got a couple of new kits up. Enjoy! Alicia will have a new line out for the store for labor day. And a week after that, I'll have all the new autumn and halloween kits and elements up. So tons of new products coming to the store! Keep checking back as the front page of the shop will be changing weekly!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stay at Home Dad

I saw this link at DST and I thought I would die laughing! Take a look!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Josh's Surprise Party

Okay, once again, I'm behind in my updates. I just need another hour in my day (preferably when the kids are asleep to get everything finished that I say I am going to finish hehee). So I was going to report on the surprise party I threw for Josh's graduation (and for taking the bar).

After changing the date once (from July to August...and yes, the invites were already sent out and I had to call everyone back. Josh failed to inform me of a class he was taking on Saturday) and changing the time once (August 2nd at 11:45am got rearranged to 12:45 pm when Josh told me the NIGHT BEFORE THE PARTY that he had an MPRE class until 1pm—man, I was stressed!), we had a really great party! Josh was COMPLETELY surprised. It made it worth it because he was SO confused and then just happy!

My sister-in-law Taylor feeding Fliss a lime.

View from the other side of the

Two cousins with lollipops!

A photograph by Taylor

Siri bathed in gopher-colored balloons!

Thanks to everyone who came! It was so fun!

As for the store, there's a new challenge minikit freebie on the homepage of the shop. In the forum, you can win gift certificate money by using the challenge freebie for layouts! Here's the link to the forum challenges to see how it works. It's easy and fun. Here's a peek at the freebie:

Monday, August 4, 2008


So after some not-so-lazy days, I finished this little collection! I hope you all enjoy it! There are sales going on right now on the accessories, multipacks and quickpages. Be sure to check out the shop!

Here are the quickpages!

Also, I WILL get the photos up of Josh's surprise graduation party soon! A thank you to everyone for keeping it a secret! It was a big success!