Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Blitz

I will post the last part of the Art Convention soon! Also for anyone who picks up the minikit freebies: tomorrow is the last day of the October minikit freebie and you will be able to pick up the November minikit freebie on Saturday! Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Art Convention Part 2—Channeling My Inner Artist

Okay, if you haven't read Part 1, scroll down and read that first, because much of this will be out of context if you don't! So most of the time spent at this convention was, of course, doing art. I mentioned that this year's theme was Spanish TinWork. Amy had us make a book using metal tape (seriously, I loved the stuff!) as a first project.

While most of you know that I am a designer, art, well, art has never really been something I am drawn to (I mean, other than buying other people's). I do believe in creativity...I think we all have that in us, but art, well, let's just say it's never been a strong point for me. So I completely surprised myself by using techniques I use in Photoshop as a designer to become a collage artist! I had the best time with the layering. I liked making this first book so much that I made two more (all coptic bound):

We also went on a dumpster dive, which gave me some material for this next piece.

My last two pieces where my biggest: 18 inches by 18 inches. I'm actually framing them for my living room, take a look:

This last one is my favorite. I used metal for both pieces that were etched and distressed. Obviously, there is a bird theme running through three of the pieces...loving birds!!! Here's a few of the ladies hard at work:

The first is Linda at work and the second if Pat. I managed to only get the two of them from our group on film. Check out these pieces that Linda made:

I love these little metal birds...they are so cute! One of Pat's pieces was a retablo (probably spelled incorrectly)...Here's the only photo I got of it (it's in the left hand corner of the photo:

So anyway, I loved creating the art in a very non-judgemental environment and the freedom of it all.

OKay, I am going to make a quick diversion from the Art Convention for one second, and then I'm off to bed...We borrowed the TinkerBell movie tonight for the girls (It came out today)...and we all loved it (Siri was in heaven!). Wondering if anybody else borrowed/bought it and what did you think? Love or hate?

Here's the link to one of the trailers:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Art Convention Part 1—Here We Go!

So I feel as if I don't know where to start, so as Maria says, "Let's start at the very beginning..." I know I posted rather quickly about Albquerque (because we were at a hotel that night with Internet access). So why don't I tell you what the heck I was doing to begin with? Amy Flowers of Shrewd Arts (
does these art trips called New Mexico Art Adventures. She has one spring session (which is usually full) and two fall sessions (third week of October and first week of November). Anyway, we go to museums, get inspired, and create art at the Casa Del Gavilan. We take up the entire inn and eat fabulously (via Isabell's fantastic breakfasts and Amy's cooking and taking us out). Amy usually has a theme for each year. This year was Spanish Tinwork. So we worked with metal. We created patina's via chemicals, etched, and a number of other things (I'll show you all the art work in another post!). Okay, so I think I gave you enough background...Check out her website if you want to find out more about Amy and what she does! I know that she gives classes in the midwest, has a studio set up in Ohio, and does these art adventures in New Mexico (She's all over the place!)

Okay, back to the storyline. We spent the following day (Sunday) in Santa Fe. I LOVED Santa Fe. We first went to the Spanish Colonial Museum and on to the gift shops at Museum Hill. Here's a glance at what we did there.

Yes, this is me dressing up in the kids section (incorrectly according to the instructions).

This beautiful little historic house was next to the Spanish Colonial Museum and apparently was part of a series of houses that was once on the property (This was the parlor room).

This piece made me really miss my little girls! (This one was taken also on Museum Hill.) It's a sweet piece.

There was a Native American ceremony on the hill. It was really cool. Check out the shadows (It must have been so hot for the dancers! I was certainly sweating!)

This was in the place we had lunch in Santa Fe (in the plaza). Now that we all know President Bush's phone number, we should all make a little call, don't you think, hehee! Seriously, I wonder who's phone number they put up there and how many times the guy gets calls.

Here's Pat and Linda. Pat is a gourd artist (She makes these really cool masks, maybe I can get her to send me some pics so I can show you guys). Linda was Amy Flowers Assistant for the trip. You'll see some of her artwork later.

Also known as the "Road Warrior" and "Big Blue." I like Big Blue myself (except when I was cramped on the back seat, lol). Seriously, this trip wouldn't have even felt AUTHENTIC without this little baby!

Okay, this was the counter of a GAS STATION...Isn't it SOOOO awesome? Most of you know my obsession for typography and old labels so you why I'm in HEAVEN. The guy at the counter suggested I get a picture of him too. Umm, decided not to take that one.

As any good, shopper-on-vacation would do, I got a lot of goodies along the way. Amy took us to some fantastic paper shops and I felt really inspired. Check out the upside down Wassliy chair (I love the way it is illustrated) and glittery Papaya Calendar (OBSESSED!). Seriously, don't be surprised when I revisit this little company. Please go check out their website, it's fantastic!

My favorite purchase of the little straw cowgirl hat! I wore it the whole time. Take a look at those fantastic clouds in the back! This was taken bright and early in Cimarron, New Mexico. We stayed at the Casa del Gavilan for most of the trip. Did a lot of studio work. I didn't take any pictures that do this place justice so you'll just have to go look at their site. Talk about quiet BEAUTIFUL get aways. It is near the Boyscout Ranch (Philmont). Beautiful country.

So I'm worn out just writing this tiny little bit about my trip, but I have to stop there for the night. I'll be back to post more soon! I think you'd be interested in the artwork and the locals in Cimarron and anything else I can think of to tell you about.

Also, in digital scrapbooking news, I should have a new line up at the end of this week, beginning of next! I think you guys are going to like it. It's completely different then anything else I've had up on the site and I think you'll like it! Goodnight!

It's Coming!

So, I am finally back from my Art Convention (well, rested, but now freaking out at the mountain of stuff in front of me!) and I have SO much to tell you guys about!!! Because there is so much to tell, I've broken it into three parts (mostly so I can organize my pics for you and make sure I have all the website links that you need:)). I'll put Part 1 up tonight!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

First Day in Albuquerque

So, I know that I said I woudl not be writing on my blog, but as it turns out we were in Albuquerque all day today (and spending the night in town) and we'll be in Santa Fe all day tomorrow. So here I am, with a friendly update on life. 

Today, after my very short plane ride and talking to a gentleman who had SERIOUS New Mexico pirde (Texas pride—yes, California pride—yes, but New Mexico—This was new!), I met up with my little group at convention. Amy Flowers is the coordinator of this event and we spent the day at the Albuquerque Museum of History and Art, shopping at a stamp store, and then a FABULOUS paper store (Will post photos of those soon), dinner at a cool little diner (can we say Greek Goddess Salad—Deep fried FETA cheese—yum!).

Here are some pics of the day (sorry there are not many):

The outside of the museum...yes, yes, I see your interested peaked, even rising.

What do you THINK of this sculpture, how do you FEEL when you look at it, what do you...(Okay, done pretending to be an art critic).

Josh, I took a photo of this one in honor of you.

This my still-life that I put together. I may become a painter after-all with such awesome skills. Or make a career of it...still-life-putter-together-er.

I really do in-fact love this one.

And that's it. No giving away all my creative inventions as of yet! More to come...(don't act so scared!)

I also got an email today from my friend Amy, who just started a new blog that is all about fun things to do with your kids. She has up A TON of things to do for october/halloweenish type stuff on the blog that I would totally recommend checking out. Here's the link:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Cute Are These!

Check out the darling new invitations Jen Shaw just put up at CardNirvana:

Alright a bit about me—no blogging for me for a week. I'm off to an art convention for a week in Santa Fe. I'm so excited about it! I'll let you all know how it goes. Apparently, there is barely any Internet service, cell phone service because we are staying at a mission in the middle of no where. Okay, so everyone have a great week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Giveaway at DST

There is a cardnirvana giveaway going on a DigiShopTalk right now! Just click on the link and it will take you right to the thread! We're giving away gift certificates to pick up some of the new digital cards in the store. Go head and submit to the thread! 

Check out the new French Boutique Collection that I just put up last night:

You can see them individually in the designer collection or general party categories.

More invitations being uploaded daily so keep checking back!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Card Nirvana Grand Opening

Well, sort of a grand opening. Card Nirvana is my brand new digital invitation site..meant to give anyone, and I mean ANYONE the ability to customize a designer made invitation. Card Nirvana is absolutely ready for business, except that all the cards haven't bee uploaded yet:). So go ahead and take a look at the site—especially check out how it works. If you can download Adobe Acrobat (which is completely free if you don't have it already on your computer) and can open a pdf, you can download these super, INEXPENSIVE cards, and customize it for any event. Check out the site here: The other designers will also be uploading their cards this coming week. Many of you may have heard of Jen Shaw, who is the Art Director and Product Designer for My Minds Eye. She is joining the site and has some beautiful cards for you! So keep an eye for this new site!

I'll have sample cards for free download within the next week so everyone can see how easy it is!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nicole's Photo Actions

So I'm trying to be a more dedicated blog writer...especially because I love sharing some of the stuff I find that I consider "design worthy." So here's my latest find:

I've actually known about Nicole for a while, but I have to rave about her Photoshop Actions. They really do amazing things! Seriously take a look:
This is her Studio Action Set. It's this kind of thing that makes a decent photo into a FABULOUS photo!

This is Nicole's Essential Color Pop. Amazing, huh?

Take a look at her website for more! Her main site is here: Honestly, if you get a chance you ought to take a look at her photography. It is AMAZING! I've been checking out her weddings one...and the photos are very unique.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Conference Weekend

Somehow it seems like Conference weekend. It's the signaling for the cold, fall days to hit. Saturday it started to rain and rain...and it hasn't let up since. Today we had to get out the warm pjammy's because Siri found me said she needed to get warm. So we are spending the day in jammy's (I love Conference weekend for that!) and listening to general conference. 

SuiKim and Steven also visited this weekend...they went to the conference center for the first session of conference.

I also have been trying to get the top of our piano under control. Flylady says that we all have our hotspots. We have many but the worse is the top of the piano. It's in the living room/entrance way into the house and we (Josh and I) dump everything (mail, keys, toys) on the top as we walk through the house. The hardest thing to keep under control for us is the paper "stuff." You know, the mail, bills, coupons...they all make their way to the top of the piano. So I bought this little filing system almost in desperation (I maybe should have taken a before photo). It was $25 from TGIMax. Totally worth it! It cleans everything up pretty fast. I'm realistic enough to know that the piano is still going to be a hot spot (Yes, I still leave my hard drive and laptop up there!), but It will hopefully will be easier to clean up from time to time.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Better go to Bed

So I think I am procrastinating going to bed. I watched Made of Honor one and a half times (after which I read on another blog that Project Runway Season 5 has been going on! WHAT!). On to that topic (yes, I am rambling), I decided to go ahead and watch on episode 12 and just skip everything (I'll watch it all when it comes out on DVD). I feel completely out of it because we have to rely on our blockbuster rentals to give us news of the outside world. Well, either that or my receptionist at work, Sarah (today she introduced me to the Veronicas). It's because we get NO TV RECEPTION at this house we are renting. Lame-o! So, I am sadly behind on The Office as well. 

Done with the rant...Anybody else watching Project Runway? can you tell me if Kenly (Is that her name?) has been that annoying the entire first 11 episodes? 

Okay, other news, the digi nirvana sale ends on Saturday, so go and check out the 29 cent quickpages and 39 cent spooky alpha! 

Also pick up the new October Challenge Minikit! It's of course, very halloweenish. I'm sure there will be a rant soon enough about how much I love fall and halloween, what my kids will be wearing, and so forth. I know you are just DYING for that rant (listen, please know that was sarcastic!)

Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday tomorrow!!!