Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Decor8 Giveaway & Christmas Photoshoot

I was just over at Decor8 and you should check out the giveaway Holly has going on! It's for people who may have aspirations to open a creative business. Go check it out!

It's Tuesday, so my lazy days collection is premiering at 2Peas in a Bucket! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being at 2Peas! The community is VERY cool and the designers are awesome!

If you get a chance, you should check out Sande Krieger's blog...I'm always sneaking a peek at her stuff! It's very fun and creative.

Amazingly enough, I am ahead of the game this year and I have already printed my Christmas cards. Remember my Costco post? So I ran 75 cards at Costco. I'll give you the pros and cons. Pros: Wow! The turnaround time is AMAZING! I was expecting a couple of days...try an hour. Yes, I know it is called one hour photo, but at Christmas time I have seen it take them a LONG time to get cards to people. Another pro is that the size and photo itself are SO cool! And cheap ($15 for 50 plus the envelopes!). The cons...I was disapointed in the quality of the stock they print it on...it's pretty flimsy as most Christmas greeting cards out there are. I love really nice thick stock for my cards. The flimsiness is probably made worse by how large the card is. Because many of you will be getting my Christmas card, I will just post some photographs from the shoot that my sister SuiKim took. I'll post the actually Christmas card maybe a bit later.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A word about Karaoke

Did I mention that we have a Karaoke machine? We have managed to have only one party even though when I bought it I thought it would be a regular Friday night bonanza. I guess we've just been too busy! Anyway, it looks like the kids have caught the bug! Siri and Fliss LOVE holding the mics and pretending to sing. Here they are with their cousin Caroline. Catch them on American IDol in 15 years.

ummm, did I mention this was taken at 2 in the afternoon. And what are my kids wearing? Yep, that's right—pajamas. We're starting a new fashion trend for singers.

I think flissa's "puffball hair" is ABSOLUTELY fantastic enough for American Idol...lol

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hooray, I'm officially on 2Peas!

It's Tuesday, and it means that my premier on 2Peas has happened! Go check out the Digi kits or my name here! Enjoy!

A couple of days ago, we watched Dan in Real Life. It was fantastic! I was afraid I was getting a glimpse into what my darling little girls might be turning into though...Ahhh!!!

I'd totally recommend renting it. I thought it was good flick ESPECIALLY if you like Steve Carrell (which I do!).

In other news, I have been looking for a black dress for a formal I have for work. It was AWEFUL! I just could find anything age appropriate, sophisticated, and modest. It's like those things aren't allowed to go together. I tried everything online (Nordstroms, Dillards, Macys, specialty boutiques, and more!) and the malls (Banana R, JCrew, etc). After much searching and being completely annoyed at the selections, I saw a girl in a shop wearing EXACTLY what I wanted. She said her neighbor owned the shop she bought it from and it was online (music to my ears!!!). Anyway, I'm sharing with you because it is a FABULOUS store! It's call the Shabby Apple.

I love their selection...it's modest, but fashionable. i got the Antiquated with the red sash (the perfect christmas dress!).

Sunday, November 16, 2008

If you are looking for digi nirvana...& FINALLY, the halloween pictures!

Digi Nirvana has now been re-routed to Card Nirvana. If you have questions related to Digi Nirvana's closing or product information, please email me at carina@diginirvana.com.

You'll find the premiere of my products as 2Peas in A Bucket is this Tuesday with the Bella Collection!

Check it out on Tuesday!

So, I have put it off long enough, but here it is (only 2 weeks later) my halloween photos of my girls. And for your viewing pleasure, I have eliminated the MILLIONS of photos I took to give you a small storyboard of exactly how taking photos of my girls went (I am sure many of you have experienced this very same thing). Here we go:

You'll give us candy? Sure mom, we'll sit for a couple of photos.

candy, candy, candy...candy makes so happy. We have no idea that we'll get plenty of candy from complete strangers in just a few minutes and won't have to do all this smiling and posing for mom.

Oh, look! If we decide to run out of house and sit on the front porch, mom will chase us and continue to take pictures of us and bribe us with candy. I wonder where else we can get her to chase us...

No really, mom. I'm sick of the picture taking and I'm going to cry.

And cry.

While my sister looks bored.

Please tell me you all did the exact same thing with your kids on halloween night? lol!

Here are some other photos from before and later that night:

A look of distress-is it because the top won't fit just right or because there is a pumpkin with a big hole in it? One cannot say...

Master carver creating his awe-inspiring pirate pumpkin. No pictures of it, sorry. You'll have to be awe-inspired by somebody elses pumpkin pirate.

We met up later that night with a family in our ward and this is Siri with her friend Katie.

Flissy looking very angelic as Tinker Bell. (If you couldn't tell from the Photos, Siri was Ariel although by the end of the night the entire ruffle at the bottom had torn off).

All and all a fun evening (my kids forget about the halloween candy after only one day)! Sorry it took me so long to post!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Big News! I'm Moving to 2Peas!

Hi everyone! I know, I know, I haven't updated for a while and I SERIOUSLY have so many photos, etc. etc that I have been meaning to blog. This one is going to have to be a short one though because I have a lot of preview-making to do tonight. Why you ask? Because, the good news, is that I am moving my entire store into Two Peas In A Bucket!!!! I am so excited for the move and I hope you guys will check me out there! I'm the newest digital designer and I think it's going to be a great group to work with!!!!

The sad news is that because I am moving to 2Peas, I will closing Digi Nirvana. Digi Nirvana will be redirected to Card Nirvana (which will still be up and running as usual—in fact you should see all the cute new baby announcements and holiday cards!).

Digi Nirvana's closing date is this Sunday (yes! I know it is fast!), November 16th and a few of my products will be premiering at 2Peas on Tuesday November 18th! Thank you all for your support of Digi Nirvana!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's Here! The New Bella Collection!

You can also enter for the free giveaway for the entire collection (all 12 products!) in the forum here. It's a great chance to win so go ahead and post a thread in the forum for it!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Christmas Cards

If you are like me, you are probably starting to think about getting your Christmas cards together—the card type, the photos, and the most dreaded thing of all—getting together the addresses on my list! So today when I went to Costco, I found this AWESOME new size that I think is FANTASTIC! And what a great deal: 

6x7½ photo greeting cards
Creating a photo greeting card is fun and easy. Choose from many designs and add your own personalized message. Each order includes envelopes. Available for pickup at Costco warehouse only.
$14.99 set of 50
$5.99 additional sets of 25

I think that turns out to be 29 cents a card...plus they throw in the envelopes! What a great deal! I'm tempted to print this size because it is so cute! I also got an brochure from snapfish today. They have a deal for 20 free prints (sounds good to me!) and after that they are only 9 cents each. Not bad, huh? What really caught my eye in the brochure where the coasters (this pic isn't as cute), but I am certainly tempted by them:

So what am I doing for my pics this year. Last year we took photos of the girls on the antique white piano and the girls wore brown velvet dresses. his year, my little sister SuiKim is coming down to take photos of the girls. I have dresses for them, but I'm sort of thinking of taking more whimsical photos of them in their tutus. We'll have to see. I'll let you all know how they turned out! Of course, whatever card I design for myself will also probably get sold on cardnirvana so you can be watching for it:) (You can see last year's card here.