Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

Well, I feel as if I have already start the year off quite badly. I can't find my Nike Plus so although I've spent the day in my work out clothes, I probably won't go running! Great, huh? I'll keep looking for it and report back!

I thought I would do a year in review and things to look forward to in 2009. This will probably be the most open about my personal life that I have ever been on my blog. I usually only report on business or what my kids are doing, so this may prove an interesting blog post for those that don't know me that well. I must admit, 2008 was not a fun year for me. Lots of hard decisions and events happened this year including a move to a new state, the closing of Digi Nirvana, my husband took the bar, website troubles, family unemployment, disappointment in my own personal life with my parents & family, a decision to go back to work, and well, just finding balance with everything going on. Lots of good things happened in 2008 too—I opened Card Nirvana, moved to 2Peas, and signed a deal with My Minds Eye to start making paper lines. Siri has learned to write and draw and Felicity learned to walk and talk this year. And Josh passed the bar—another blessing (not sure if we could go through that again!)!

In 2009, I really hope that things are a little less stressful and that I can find my place in our new hometown. I am really excited for my new Bella Bella line coming out at the January CHA (I can't wait for you all the see it! The moment is comes out I will post it) with My Minds Eye and will hit paper stores soon thereafter! I love being at 2Peas and you'll continue to see new stuff every week from me including old stuff coming from Digi Nirvana (improved) and new lines including my up and coming Paris & Co. Collection (3 more weeks!). Card Nirvana has been exciting and fun. I love my day job as a Communications Director and am excited about our conventions, events, and site checks coming up! In 2009, Siri will go to KINDERGARTEN!!!! I'm so excited for her! I'll be a little sad, but she is such a bright and social child, I know she will love it. Felicity will continue to be my baby this year (what a cuddlebug!). I know that 2009 will be better than 2008 and that excites me!

If you can't tell, designing scrapbooking materials has become an essential part of my life. If you had asked my two years ago if this is what I'd be doing, I'd have said , NO! I had no idea how much I would love it, how giving the community is, and what a challenge it would be! Designing for scrapbookers has become more than a hobby for me, it's become an obsession! I look forward to everything I get to design and scrap in 2009! Hope you all have a Happy New Year!

Here's a few pictures from the last few days!
Christmas Eve Siri got a Hungry Hippo Game

Christmas Day: Siri got a My Little Ponyvilel Amusement Park, but guess who else was obsessed with it?

On her new trike.

Siri's new game: Dr. Seuss something or other. Josh plays it very well.

The many art supplies we got for Chritmas is getting put to good use...everyday, on every wall, on every leg and arm in the house.

East High School Alumni Basketball Tournament—It brings families together.

Showing off their candy bracelets!

Happy New Year everyone!


Jenni said...

What a year....I had no idea 2008 was a hard one in so many ways...hope all is well with your family! I have told you before but I am so darn proud of you and all of your accomplishments! If you ever need someone to design with your new line let me know! =)I'll be getting my hands on some as soon as I can!

The Sorensen's said...

Okay, Flissy has the thickest legs ever! She is darn cute. I love how you do her hair with the one pig tail on the top! Looks like the girls made out like bandits from Santa...hopefully you grown ups did, too?

Amy said...

I had to laugh when I saw the Hungry Hippos game. My girls got that game for Christmas too. They have been out of control wanting to play it all the time. Anyway, we miss you guys.