Sunday, January 4, 2009

RUN 100

I just started a new group called Run 100 in Facebook and to get people to join the Challenge on Nike Plus!
Go check it out! If you want to be part of the Nike Plus challenge you can leave your email to be invited in the comment section or email me at with your email and I will invite you!

And seriously, if you don't feel like you can run 100 miles, but just want to walk or run a little and be motivated by everyone else doing it , join the facebook group and give us your miles or join the Nike Plus challenge anyway!

Facebook Group—Run 100

Nike Plus Website


Meg Duffy said...

I really love this goal! I am in.

btw: this is my blog... it doesn't have pictures of cute kids... but if you ever want to know about the life and times of a boring BYU student... here you go.


ebudd said...

Carina, that sounds awesome. I'm seriously thinking about it. But can I really commit to that? I really think I will.